Features Overview

If you are in the print industry, own a sign print shop, or just looking for a new venture, Print Room Solutions could have just the thing to drive your business, save you time and money.

Imagine your business with a web-based sign printing software suite allowing your customers a complete D.I.Y web-to-print store front, with on-line sign creation software, online proofing, right through to 'PDF - print ready artwork' being submitted straight to your printer.

Ecommerce Store - Front End Features:

Print Room Solutions offers you and your customers an integrated storefront with a suitcase full of great features.

 Some of these great features are listed below: 

  • Easy to use and navigate ecommerce storefront.
  • 24/7 access for your customers via a web browser from any location.
  • Secure password protected environment.
  • iDesign – An interactive tool kit allowing your customers to create and submit artwork online in a PDF print ready format.
  • Comprehensive tools are available for the client to design their sign (or print product) within corporate guidelines and template of choice. They have the ability to select attributes of the sign (or product) to add to purchase such as for sale wings or brochures.
  • 100’s of free real estate branded templates are ready for your clients to modify and create online, then submit print ready for purchase.
  • Bulk updates of branded sign templates - Ensures online designable products are up to date with real estate corporate branding.
  • ‘Auto’ Artwork Proofing – No waiting for artwork proofs – It is instant!
  • Artwork proof forwarding – Allowing the customer the ability to distribute the proof to other stakeholders/vendors before approval takes place.
  • Personalized customer accounts – order history, save for later, and more.
  • User Tokens - Each product becomes personal to the user. Their name will appear on each designable product.
  • Web-to-print PDF, online sign creation software allows documents to be sent straight to the printer with no intervention required.
  • iTrack - A feature for tracking signs from the point of purchase through to the end of its lifecycle monitored by both you and your customer.
  • Email notifications & order progress updates - Both you and your customer are always informed with the progress of the job.
  • Integration into your existing website, or if preferred a standalone site. The customer see’s your logos etc, seamless to be your own site.
  • Newsletter sign-up for clients who visit your site to allow interested parties to stay up to date with promos and new products.
  • And lots more…

Print Room Solutions is the perfect web based printing software. It can be used anywhere, anytime, your car, home, office and more. With 100’s of real estate designable sign templates to choose from, you are guaranteed a user friendly package, and a streamlined work flow. Give your customer the opportunity to use this complete D.I.Y sign creation software. Let your customer design and create artwork online, and place orders in a print ready format all with a click of a button.

The best part, the PDF files come straight to your printer approved, paid for and ready to print!

Administrator Management Centre – Back End Features:

Print Room Solutions offers a complete management center for your staff to set and change your website products and features as often as needed.

 Some of these management tools and features are listed below:

  • Accessible via a web browser - from any location.
  • Multiple access levels - Manager through to general administration.
  • Ability to restrict or give access to various functions so staff can carry out different tasks.
  • Extensive catalogue - Unlimited number of products, unlimited number of categories, customized to your company needs.
  • Add, remove and edit product information as needed.
  • Update your site content as often as needed.
  • iTrack – Both you and your customers can track jobs from start to finish
  • Mail Room – Manage client email addresses, send multiple emails and/or newsletters with a click of a button.
  • And lots more….
  • iDesign – Create and display your own on-line designable templates branded to your own clients, so they can modify and make a print ready PDF document.
  • Order and Job Management - Manage customers and their print jobs. All site transactions are supported and recorded by email actions to both clients and administration.
  • Multiple shipping options – Customised to your business.
  • Multiple delivery options – Customised to your business.
  • Multiple Price points – Customised to your various clients and any promotions you may have.
  • Multiply payment methods - Customised to your company and your clients needs.
  • iReports – Extensive printable/viewable sales reports to assist in the payment and tracking of all transactions carried out by your clients.
  • Printable job sheets and run sheets to help manage your signs & products in manufacture, installation, on site and more.
  • Integrated SEO – All sites come with built-in search engine optimisation to ensure you have the best chance of a good web presence.
  • Mail Room – Manage client email addresses, send multiple emails and/or newsletters with a click of a button.
  • And lots more….

Non-technical staff can easily maintain and manage all facets of the magagment centre in minutes. It offers impressive back-end functionality, with a streamlined workflow allowing your staff to be efficient and confident in their daily activities.

Services / Site Integration:

Print Room Solutions takes note that all business like to do things uniquely to their own systems and ideas. In the development stages of PRS (Print Room Solutions) this was well thought through. Systems were built accordingly to adapt to various business print needs.

Extensive consideration was also given to ensure Real Estate Sign Print Companies would have all the functionalities to ensure a smooth process from online sign creation right through to the end of a signs lifecycle.

Some of the web-to-print integration features and services are listed below:

  • Seamless integration into your existing site  – A customised interface built to suit your print buiness which integrates this great ‘web based printing software package’ into your existing site (or if you prefer have a standalone site). Your business branding/ logos will be skinned/ placed around your designable product catalog and store front allowing seamless integration. This integration allows your business to stand out as its own identity!  Your print customers will give full credit to your business for the efficient online print services it provides.
  • Global Configuration – Various aspects of your store front right through to the back end administration require customsied settings unique to your print shop requirements. This includes such things as price point structures, shipping options, delivery options, and payment options. These items will all be identified and configured during the setup process.
  • Online Designable print templates – 100’s of designable sign templates, both generic and unique to real estate agencies are set up and ready to be activated on your site. Your customers will soon start creating their signs, purchasing and submitting artwork straight to your printer.  
  • Integrated SEO – Your site will be heavily optimised to be as search engine friendly as possible right out of the box. What this means is that Print Room businesses can be assured that targeted traffic (your customers/ real estate agents) will easily be able to find your site based on the products in the catalog.
  • Developed using the latest web to print technology – Print Room Solutions utilises modern web technologies to enable real time product design right from a web browser. Designed products are fully compatible with modern print room processes to ensure the transition from design to professional print is just a click away.
  • Continual Support – There is no job too big or too small for Print Room Solutions. Although we have built this print system uniquely to the print industry and sign companies, should you require help the support team are only a phone call or an email away.
  • Looking for further customisation? - Ok, so you have read through the features and can see what a great sign creation package it is, but would like to add that extra special feature unique to you. Contact the team of Print Room Solutions and let them work it out for you.
  • And lots more …

Print Room Solutions offers a suitcase full of great features to enhance your business and customer experience. With a complete D.I.Y. web-to-print store front, on-line design software, online proofing, right through to ‘PDF print ready artwork’ being submitted straight to your printer, Print Room Solutions goes way beyond normal service and time management.

This is the future in web-to-print technology. Create efficient workflows, increase productivity for your staff, save time, money, and peace of mind, just as it will for your print customer!

Contact us today and learn more about how Print Room Solutions can drive your business and streamline the way your business collaborates with your print customers.